about us

who we are

At Promiva, we all come to work every day to fulfill our commitments and ensure our customers to get the best products and services.
Nagin Daneh Almass Company with the brand name of Promiva was established in 2010 after obtaining legal licenses in Khorramdasht Industrial Town and using advanced technology and equipment, as well as expertise and knowledge and experts in the production of animal feed, poultry and aquaculture, managed to exploit the production lines of pellets and extruded. After several years of continuous efforts and successive successes, the company succeeded in producing a variety of high-quality products, resulting in gaining a significant share of the domestic market and recognizing the Promiwa brand for shrimp growers. Currently, the company has focused on producing various products in the field of aquatic food in accordance with the highest international standards of shrimp processing and packaging with the aim of being more effective in the domestic and foreign market. In order to globalize its products in compliance with national and international standards, quality management system (ISO-9001:2015) food safety system ISO-22000: 2018) and the requirements of GMP and HACCP principles at all stages of production, as well as with a very strong R&D team and close cooperation with accredited universities and research centers, have provided the ground for the production of new and innovative products.

why promiva company

• Producers of High Quality, Safe and Hygienic seafood.
• Antibiotic tested products
• Wide range of naturally sourced and rightly processed Shrimp Products.
• Stringent Quality Assurance System adhering to HAACP, BRC & BAP standards.
• State of the art packaging and shipment technology, to retain freshness and taste.
• Strictly controlled, sustainable Aquaculture methods.

mission & vision

core values

Quality – We believe that quality comes first. We continuously improve the products and services by investing in top-notch R&D and implementing rigorous quality control protocols.

Trust – We maintain a high degree of integrity, transparency and responsibility in whatever we do; we constantly endeavor to instill trust and credibility in the minds of everyone we deal with.

Collaboration – We believe in nurturing lasting partnerships with all stakeholders through positive communication and co-operation for creating enduring value.

Innovation – We strive to create forward thinking solutions to mitigate the inherent risks and weaknesses in the Industry and to boost growth.

Excellence – In pursuit of excellence, we strive to set new benchmarks and raise the bar.

Sustainability – We are committed to develop sustainable business practices in all our activities that will help saving this planet for future generations.

Management team

Our Team
Promiva Corporation is backed by some of the finest and immensely
experienced talents in the seafood processing industry. The senior
management comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable stalwarts
who manage the strategic development of the company at all levels.
The company has currently employed more than 150 people who
contribute in all the aspects of company’s business, from research
and development to processing and packaging, sales and
infrastructural support.