Promiva achievements

Due to the increasing development of aquaculture in the world (171 million tons (FAO, 2018)), research is being developed to optimize breeding conditions. About 20% of sea fish catch is used to produce fish meal and fish oil. Due to the development of this industry in Iran (especially the increase of shrimp sites in Bushehr and Makran coast), the need for fish meal is increasing.And catching surface fish cannot meet the need for fish powder and oil, and this condition leads to an excessive increase in the price of these items and, as a result, the price of food. Non-stop research is being done by aquatic food producers regarding the suitable substitute for fish meal as well as other needs of aquatic animals (fish and crustaceans) that can provide the producer with maximum efficiency at a reasonable price and compatible with the environment.Today, researchers go beyond the research on the digestibility of macronutrients (protein, fat and dry matter), to investigate the digestibility of micronutrients such as amino acids and fatty acids, so that they can achieve suedes that create maximum efficiency and minimum pollution. For this reason, food producing companies are inevitably moving towards the production of smart food.

It should be noted that in order to produce the right food, in addition to the right formula, up-to-date devices are needed to minimize damage to micronutrients and unsaturated fatty acids and heat-sensitive amino acids (cysteine ​​and lysine). For this purpose, most of the heat-sensitive items can be added to the ration through a vacuum coater in the final stage. In the production of aquatic food with modern devices, there is minimal contact between personnel and primary items.

Promiva industrial production complex has been able to produce smart aquatic food with the highest quality and reasonable price with the help of experts in the field of nutrition, as well as detailed planning and supply of special raw materials, and has played its role in solving the concerns of dear breeders.

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