At Promiva, we believe that curiosity is the desire for knowledge. Since [2020], Promiva has been performing its own research to develop products and technologies in order to improve the performance and sustainability of shrimp farming, while meeting the increasing demand for quality shrimp feed.

Research & Development objectives

Improved product performance

The economics of shrimp farming is considerably dependent on feed performance. Hence, a primary objective of our R&D is to improve our product through the effective use of feed.

Improved growth ratio and feed conversion ratio

Our product is evaluated on the basis of growth and feed conversion. Our innovation is thus centered around the improvement of these two variables.

Recipe optimization

We test the efficacy of new raw materials in an effort to mitigate the current high price of feed. The goal is to look beyond conventional practices and find better ways of meeting nutrition requirements that are necessary for high performance shrimp farming.


The use of sustainable raw material sources is a cornerstone for the development of aquaculture. We continuously find and source materials that implement sustainable practices which are in alignment with our core principles.