• Promiva provides high quality products to its customers by working closely with farms around the country. The company helps in identification, design, maintenance and sales of the produce. Currently, Promiva works with an extensive network of farmers with a total material capacity of nearly 1,500 tones produce.
• All our farms are managed by seasoned farmers using sustainable and good aquaculture practices. By showcasing model farms across the world to the Iranian farming community through regular workshops/seminars, we educate the farmers on new technologies and best practices in the seafood domain.


Promiva is proud to providing training and general awareness programs to disseminate the most modern farming techniques in the farms of their business partners , including:
• Maintenance
• Water Management
• Feeding Cycles
• Maintenance
• Use of Probiotics
• Harvesting Methods
• Pond preparation, reconditioning & disinfection
we believes that the best practices result in the best yields. Pond reconditioning is one of the most important factors contributing to sustainable aquaculture yields, by reducing the possibility of toxic
metabolites or pathogen from being transmitted to successive cycles