Pre Processing

Raw Material Receiving & Sourcing
Promival Corporation sourcing policy ensures all statutory precautions in sourcing the raw material, that is raw head – on shrimps from authorized suppliers and contracted farmers who completely abide by the company policy of non-usage of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.
The material received undergoes various levels of Quality checks as per international food safety guidelines and standards. The material is ice packed and stored in a chill room if not immediately taken for pre processing section, to ensure complete freshness and purity. The RAW material that fails the quality control test, is never allowed to enter the production stream & is rejected and returned to the supplier.
Company owns fleet of refrigerated and insulated vehicles to aid in the transportation of raw material from the purchase center’s to the processing plant without deteriorating the quality. The company follows the policy of FIFO ( First In First Out ) to ensure that the products reach the desired process point within the allocated shelf life


Promiva is committed to understand and meet the customer needs and expectations by implementing code of Good Manufacturing Practices and Standard Sanitation Operating Procedure. Experienced skilled and qualified staff processes the raw Material under strict hygienic conditions, backed-up and monitored by qualified Quality Control personnel to ensure high product quality and to minimize the risk of microbiological contamination. The company process and delivers quality Frozen Shrimp products meeting all statutory requirements which provide the best value for money.


The Shrimp Processing Unit is equipped with :

Pre-process lines consisting of Conveyorized Receiving systems
Grading machine for size grading .
Plate freezers .
Tunnel Freezer
Cooking/ Blanching lines .
Palletized Cold Storage of Finished products at -18° C below.
Quality Control Lab equipped with sophisticated equipment’s to cover entire range of Microbiological, Biochemical test including assessment of residual Antibiotic
Low temperature refrigeration equipment’s.
Water purification system using Chlorine dozing for different uses, ultra violet treatment of water at strategic points.
Well equipped with Effluent Treatment.